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Scriptural References in the Scourge of Torial Serial

Each story is laced with scriptural references, and while no story is overtly a “gospel presentation”, they do contain scriptural truths.

In Episode 1 – The Tears of the Tuon, the references include Genesis 15, Genesis 19, and 2 Sam 24.

In Episode 2 – The Shadow of Ikral, the allusions include Judges 6, Hosea 2, and Num 25.

In the unpublished Episode 3 – The Mission to Muze there is a scene that is largely derived from 1 Sam 21.

Reading and Writing

I have two goals when writing my stories:

  1. To write an entertaining story
  2. To write an edifying story

I was rereading my first two episodes and pleased to find that I was both entertained and edified by them.  It had been a long enough period from when I had read them last that the experience was somewhat novel.