Epik Rocks

About a year back, I transferred my decade-plus old account from Webfaction to Epik. The reason for doing this had nothing to do with quality of service, rather it was because Webfaction, owned by GoDaddy, engaged in a de-platforming of Gab.com. This was distasteful to me because Gab.com supported the First Amendment, and their rules were that any speech protected by the First Amendment was allowed on their site. They complied with law enforcement when the occasion arose, but they allowed speech that some people wished to silence. This got them black-listed by Silicon Valley.

Epik decided that they were willing to host Gab.com because they opposed de-platforming (see https://www.epik.com/blog/why-epik-welcomed-gab-com.html). Because they were willing to take a stand for the rights of others, I thought they were worth my fiscal support.

Since that point, I’ve setup and transferred sites with Epik, and when I’ve run into issues on my own — I have been able to rely on their staff to bail me out. Kudos to them for standing up for the rights of others AND providing a quality service. If you are looking for a hosting provider or to register a Domain on the internet, please consider them.

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