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Aviad Cohen

I have been a fan of Aviad Cohen’s music for over a decade — and recently started listening to his last album ScriptureSonics nightly. I find his presentation of the Scriptures really helps them to resonate with my heart. I know that it has been many years since he has passed away — but I know the Christian music community lost one of its better musicians, and the community lost a man who had a passion for Jesus.

Aviad in many ways acted like a modern prophet, and that also resulted in a lot of negative things happening that was typical of the prophets of old when people didn’t hear platitudes and simple affirmations of their conduct. Some of the claims about his death (like he committed suicide, he was unhinged) were informed by a reaction to him speaking out. As I understand it (and IIRC), he actually had died from a side-effect of the bipolar medication he was taking — something like a brain aneurism. In any case I do believe that he made music that was genuine worship music (as opposed to something mass produced) and I am sure that he is still making such music in heaven.

If you get a chance — go to and give his albums a listen.

  1. Scripturesonics Vol. 1
  2. Hooked on the Truth
  3. Firestarter
  4. Good News to Mission Control

If you want to learn a little more about Aviad Cohen, Chavah Messianic Radio gave some details in their announcement of his death in 2017.