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Recommended: Somewhither

I just finished reading the excellent work by John C. Wright called “Somewhither”.  If you want an edifying (but not trite) fantasy novel, this in the one to try.  It is about 900+ pages, and for only $4.99, that is a pretty good deal (especially compared to traditional publishers’ ebook prices).

From 2K to 10K

I just completed the short book “From 2K to 10K” and would recommend it.  Excellent advice, logically presented in a manner that will help most writers.  In addition to covering the process of writing, Rachel Aaron discusses editing strategies to improve the overall quality of your work.  For $0.99, this little book is a great value:

New Entry: 2015 Hugos

I have added a page for my 2015 Hugo Reviews as I complete them.