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Coming Soon: The Shadow of Ikral

All art for the episode is done.  I am currently applying edits, and final feedback from a writers group.  Once all changes are done, I will begin the process of manuscript formatting for ebook, and later for print.

It is here! Episode 1

Now on Amazon: Tears of the Tuon: Episode I of the Scourge of Torial

Coming Soon: Tears of the Tuon

Stolen! Cubs of the bear-like tuon people have been abducted while their parents were finaltuonworshiping at the temple of Yah Elyon. Gratta, one of the tuon chiefs, must ensure the cubs’ safe return home.

The maeuw, a cat-like race and ancient enemies of the ton, have taken these cubs of the tuon priests to Thas, a heavily fortified city, by the order of Namal.  He intends them as slaves and will not return them except at great cost to the Tuon Tribes.

To defeat Namal and rescue the cubs, Chief Gratta must ally himself with the cunning human nation of Torial.  If the rescue attempt fails, the cubs will surely die in the ensuing war between the tuon and maeuw peoples.

TEARS OF THE TUON starts out the religious epic fantasy serial THE SCOURGE OF TORIAL.