Glossary and Cast of Characters

Glossary and Cast of Characters




Barel – Very similar to angels as described in the Bible

Daalus – Most are evil, part flesh, part spirit.  In appearance, resembling an upright black dragon.

Nanae – Sheep-like people.  Very docile.

Maeuw – Cat-like people.  A little skittish, and afraid of water.

Tuon – Bear-like people.  Love song and battle.

Poleysez – A bird-like race with the ability to shapeshift.

Humans – Monkey-like people.

Eldar – The unfallen of a race.

Nations and Peoples and Locations


Rift Fortress – A prison of a powerful being.

Pyrr – A nation of Maeuw.

Pyrran – A Maeuw inhabitant of Pyrr.

Pyrran Clans – The clans that make up the nation of Pyrr.

Pyrran Council – A council of the leaders of the various Pyrran Clans.

Clan of Melor – Pyrran Clan near the sea.

Clan of Kana – Northern clan that attacked the Nanae and Rift Fortress.

Clan of Thasa – South Western clan that attacked the Tuon Verooshta’s tribe.

Clan of Meshu – South Eastern clan that attacked the Poleysez east of the Straits of Pu.

Valley of Gilal – A valley running across the southern border of the Pyrr.  To the south, are the Noralizan Mountains of Torial.


Tuon Tribes – A loose collection of Tuon tribes.

Verooshta – A North Eastern tribe of the Tuon.  Attacked by the Thasa.


Muza – A land of Poleysez.  Muze is the capitol of Muza.

Muzite – A Poleysez inhabitant of Muze.

Turik – Capitol of Muze.

Tur – A northern coast of Muze.

Straits of Pu – A narrow region surrounded by the seas, where the borders of Muze, Torial and the Maeuwan Clans meet.


Senas – A race of extremely wicked humans that worship Delev and other Daalus.

Nar – The capitol of the Senas.

Bay of Ara – A bay, near Nar, the capitol of the Senas.

Lost of Delev – 500 wizards who disappeared when Delev began his silent challenge.


Pilisia – A nation of humans bordering Torial to the west. Worships Ikral.

Tur-Amon – Another name for Pilisia. (???Perhaps need to rewrite either Book of Joseph or Intrigue/Scourge to be consistent)

Torial – A realm in the South of Elthgar.

Nurah – The capitol of Torial.

Kus – A city near the western border of Torial and the Tuon Tribes and Pilisia.

Tunai – A race of humans that live in Torial.  Descendants of Abdiel.

Noralizan Mountains – Northern mounts of Torial.

Rhea – The location of the temple to Yah Elyon in Torial.

Luz – A village near where Joseph / Yosef grew up.

Eagle’s Watch – A Torial military outpost near the straits of Pu and the valley of Gilal.



Spiritual Beings

Yah Elyon – God Almighty

Elroi – The God who sees.


Delev – Equivalent of Satan

Tagu – Senas god.  One of the ruling gods.

Mislech – Senas god.  One of the ruling gods.

Iksa the Beautiful – A minor Senas god.

Alha – God of war.  One of the ruling gods.

Zel – A minor Senas god.

Relig – A minor Senas god.

Fom – A minor Senas god.

Agra – A minor Senas god.

Turga the Redeemer – Muzite god – also known as the Enchainer.  One of the more powerful.



Edo-Asdel-Leval – King of the Senas.

Jodal – Captain, General and King of the Senas.  Son of Kul.

Abdiel – The founder of Torial.  Was Abedab, son of Tanuu.

Yarokoam – Father of Anayah.  King of Torial.

Anayah – A King of Torial

Beriyah – General of Torial

Aidden – General of Torial

Samuel – Prison Master of Nurah

Chief Gratta – A Tuon chief

Chief Taka – A Tuon chief

Ka – General of the Kana, who led the attack upon the Rift Fortress

Moriedhadu (Nul-Tishaydu) – King of the Muzites (Scourge: Moriedhadu, JosephInPrison: Nul-Tishaydu)

Zekradu – A treacherous advisor of Moriedhadu (Nul-Tishaydu)

Anukal – A leader of a Pyrran clan.

Epo – A former witness of a Pyrran clan.

Eso – The first witness.

Eso – A witness during the rule of the Muzites.

Aror – Prince of Muzites, responsible for security of the realm.

Eltadu – Advisor to Prince Aror.

Arda – A chief of the Verooshta Tuon.

Asaph – A high priest of Yah Elyon.  ß Ben-Oni promised that he would see Yosef’s son before his days were over.

Tishiaydu – Muzite Commander and Governor.



Ben-oni – Prophet of Yah Elyon

Joseph/Yosef – Prophet of Yah Elyon.

Orta – Tuon Prophet of Yah Elyon.

Nul-Tishicu – Poleysez Prophet of Yah Elyon

Philia – Nanae Prophetess of Yah Elyon

Deborah – Human Eldar Prophetess of Yah Elyon

Keanna – Maeuw Prophetess of Yah Elyon

Eloi – A prophet-King analogous to David.


Supporting Cast

Hannah/Rebekah/Nariyah – Wife of Joseph / Yosef.  (Scourge: Rebekah, Book of Joseph: Hannah, JosephInPrison: Nariyah – make these consistent!)

Gaelyah – Wife of Abdiel.

Pekah – A son of Yarokoam.

Calas – Husband of Miira

Miira – Seductress

Abshalom – Son of Anayah and Miira.

Eyuwa – An Mauewan Eldar of the Rift Fortress.

Yosham – Friend of Joseph

Eila – Wife of Yosham

Reidu – A Muzite jailor.

Korieadu – – A Muzite jailor.

Kadu – A Muzite soldier, serving Prince Aror.





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