The humans are a monkey-like race that can be found on Elthgar.  The two most populous human realms are Senas and Torial; although there used to be a third realm, Pilisia, which was recently conquered by King Yarokoam.

The Senas seem to be without fear and are able to endure the presence of a Daalus without any adverse reactions.  The priests are also gifted in various magical arts.

A millenia ago, the Senas sent slaving ships to capture the Mauew.  They were only partially successful, and returned with half of the Mauewan clans (called the sundered clans by those left behind).  Seeking more labor for their building projects, the Senas sent slaving ships to Muza and captured many Muzites and destroyed the temple of Yah Elyon in Muza.

Torial and Pilisia formed out of the ashes of the chaos that the Senas slavers caused to the mainland of Elthgar.  The Mauewan tribes attacked their neighbors and enslaved them, but the Tuon fought them, and the human Abdiel worked to make a home for the captives who were freed.  This home prospered into two nations, Pilisia and Torial.

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