The Maeuw are cat-like race that are great sailors and organizers.  They are unlike most forms of cat in that they are highly communal and will fight and work in packs or prides.  The Maeuw clans were captured by the Senas a millenia ago and loaded onto slaver ships.  Half of the clans followed the lead of the young, who were lead by El Roi, who saw their suffering, and gained their freedom.  The other clans ignored the young who spoke and remained in captivity.  It was in the desperation of the hour that the Mauew overcame their fear of water and learned to control the ships.  To this day, the young will remind the old of the need for faithfulness to El Roi, and then will face the rite of passage of sailing a small vessel.

The Maeuw passed the evil that the Senas dealt to them onto their neighbors and sought to enslave them.  They captured the Nanae, and fought with the humans, the tuon, and the poleysez of Muza.  Their desire for control of those around them to prevent another occurrence of enslavement only created enemies that lasted many generations.

The nation of Pyrr is composed of 7 Mauew Clans:

  1. Kana – who captured the Nanae, and attacked the Rift Fortress, they are stealthy
  2. Thasa – who attacked the Tuon, they are rugged
  3. Meshu – the best sailors, and attacked the Poleysez
  4. Swali – good at understanding and leading the races
  5. Edu – good at strategy and espionage
  6. Porme – good at peacemaking
  7. Rana – good as taskmaster

Mauew refers to the race, and a Mauewan is an individual Mauew.

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