The Nanae are a sheep-like race that are gentle and kind, gifted in healing others.  They are very docile, and easily controlled and captured; because of this, the Mauew despise them and treat them as slaves, while the Tuon hold them in low regard, but do not mistreat them.

The Nanae were conquered by the Kana tribe of the Pyrran Clans.  Only a few, over the millenia have gained freedom, the Ouda who are very reluctant to reveal themselves to any outsiders because of the cruelty of the Kana.  One group of Nanae; however, have reacted with hostility, the Aani, who will actively hunt and fight against their enemies.  The Aani have managed to twist their gift of healing so as to harm others.  The Nanae refer to the captives as the Lanaas, which means “the wounded” in their language.

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