The Barel are Yah Elyon’s messengers and servants.  They tell the other races the commands and decrees of Yah Elyon and also enforce his decrees.  The Barel are purely spiritual beings, but can take the form of a fleshly being if their task so requires.

Delev was a Barel who chose to lead a rebellion against Yah Elyon.  Some Barel and many Daalus chose to join Delev in rebellion and were exiled to Elthgar.  Many millenia ago, these rebels overcame the fleshly races who lived on this continent and enslaved them.  The horrors were so great, and the affliction so great that the cry of their suffering and death reached Yah Elyon.  He came in wrath and imprisoned those rebels who were foolish enough to try to fight him.  The rebels who fled his wrath were allowed to continue their exile in Elthgar, but they do not dare to engage in the outright oppression that provoked Yah Elyon.

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