The Poleysez are a bird-like race that has the gift of shape-shifting into other races or animals.  There are two large settlements of Poleysez, the first is Muza, a powerful nation, capable of great engineering marvels and great martial discipline; the second is located in a region north and west of the Nanae, and the Poleysez are nomadic traders.

The nomadic traders have lived in relative piece with their neighbors, using their shape-shifting gift to better understand and barter with their neighbors.  On the other hand, Muza, was raided by the Senas slavers and their temple to Yah Elyon was destroyed.  The Muzites despised the Senas because of this until two generations ago, when somehow the rift was healed, and the Senas priests became a near permanent fixture in Muze, the capital of Muza.

The Poleysez in the land of Muza are broken into three main castes:

  1. Eegleck – who live in the northern regions, and their area was the most savagely depleted when the Senas slavers came.  They still despise the Senas even though the rest of the Muzites are at peace with them.  They are used as laborers, and are conscripted into the military.
  2. Porgah – the artisans and engineers.  They will be commanders in the military.
  3. Valn – the priests.  They will spy on behalf of Muza, but secretly hold themselves apart from the rule of the king of Muza.

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