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Chapter Art for Episode II is Here!

The most excellent Ke Wang has completed the chapter art for episode II. I hope to order a map for the land of Torial from him next.

I’m also half way thbook2_drawing2_finalrough the first rounds of edits from my editor. I expect two more rounds of editing before episode II is ready for release.


Editor Feedback

Already getting some good and helpful feedback from my editor. Will begin applying changes per feedback later this week. May have to go and back edit some conventions per feedback, like using capitalization for race names (including humansHumans).

Human Sacrifice

Man beheaded by occultists to summon rain.

This news story caught my eye because I had recently completed a draft chapter with human sacrifice in it for my second episode. The god Ikral is loosely based on Baal, Molech, and Chemosh — and human sacrifice being the notable characteristic of followers of the latter two gods.